A carbon-negative technology that uses agricultural waste such as nut shells, rice hulls, sugar cane bagasse or corn stover heated to 900ºC without oxygen to release a syngas that can generate electricity to power your business or community.

Its only byproduct is a clean bio-char that can be used as a soil enhancer.

Bio fuels – ethanol and biodiesel - are the answer to the billion tons of agricultural waste produced as a by-product of the farm & food industry in California every year.

This is the modern, ecologically stable approach to recycling waste and meet transportation fuel needs.

Electricity produced from a chemical reaction fueled by renewable syngas or methane.

Emissions – Nothing more than water.

Prices of lithium ion are down 70% in the last 18 months. Battery storage generated by your PARTICIPANT solar rooftop can now power your home and car.

A floating solar farm is simple to assemble and highly effective when lakes, reservoirs and irrigation ponds are available. In warm climates floating solar significantly reduces evaporation.

The perfect answer when land is scarce.